Project Mission

The goal of the LUNADOGE token is to exceed the current value of the Luna coin and reach $1 before LDT!

Continuous LUNADOGE Token earnings and LUNADOGE Token burning with a functional "Play to Earn" game. Both together! Continuous supply will decrease! Release of NFT Series to commemorate the big break of cryptocurrencies. The future will be brainstormed with the community to bring the LUNADOGE Token to the top, usually Discord. It will always act with the community to move forward. Totally community driven!

Earn with new ads, burn and automatic BUSD distribution every day.. Hodl LUNADOGE Token!!


LUNADOGE Token is a community driven deflationary meme token.

The LUNADOGE Token was created in honor of the victims of the Luna and LDT Stable coins and the massive crash of cryptocurrencies. It is located on the BSC Network. LUNADOGE Token is traded on the Pancakeswap decentralized exchange with "BNB" parity. And also you can earn stable rewards by holding LUNADOGEToken! You'll receive $BUSD automatically in your wallet.


2% Tax will be distributed to the following parts

%3 Fee Rewards to Holders

Busd rewards will be paid automatically to holders for just holding LUNADOGEToken .

%4 Fee to Marketing

Marketing funds will be used for future marketing and advertising, in order to make sure we will continue to attract new investors and holders.

%2 Fee to Liquidity Pool

In order to maintain the price action, we will be allocating 2% of every transaction to the liquidity pool.

Discover our LUNADOGEToken

To be in the 5% part;
* Fixed supply
* Daily burn
Just Like LUNADOGEToken

Unity and solidarity to solve the problems of Luna victims, to support them and to seek their legal rights! We will meet on Discord and Telegram.


  • 2% of every trade is taxed for the development of the LUNADOGE token.

  • A minimum of 500 LDT Tokens you need to hold to receive BUSD rewards.

  • LUNADOGEToken is in the hands of a fully reliable and experienced team

  • You can find the team entirely on telegram and discord. Actually, the team doesn't matter, it's totally community driven!


Phase 1

  • Creating a Telegram group

  • Publish a Website

  • Marketing and promotion

  • Fair Launch

Phase 2

  • Creating a Discord group

  • Expanding the community

  • Marketing and promotion

  • Coinmarketcap and Coingecko listing

Phase 3

  • Establishment of a consortium to alleviate the grievances of Luna investors

  • P2E game launch

  • LUNADOGE Token burning

  • Marketing plan to continue

  • Making a marketing plan with the community

Phase 4

  • Combustion ecosystem where the supply will decrease continuously

  • Creating NFT Series

  • Listing on cryptocurrency exchanges

  • Drawing a new roadmap with the community

  • 1 LDT = 1 BUSD